Where’d all the posts go?

My book, How to Give Yourself a Coffee Enema, is now retired as my new book is almost completed.  I’ve also made a major shift in the content of my site away from Gerson Therapy and toward a combination of Gerson Therapy, Edgar Cayce remedies, and Masaru Emoto’s work with words, images, music, and the power of prayer which ties nicely into Edgar Cayce.

When I first started this site, it was my hope to unite many of the followers of Gerson Therapy who cannot afford to follow full Gerson for their entire families.  What occurred instead were numerous attacks on me personally, my site, and my book by supposed Gerson followers.  Some of these followers of Gerson, especially employees of the Institute, are vicious, vindictive, and make personal attacks on others.  If you Google “Gerson therapy”, you’ll find hundreds of websites that make money from Gerson Therapy, literally thousands of dollars a day.  These people have incentive to make claims that are simply false.  That makes the legitimate healers shy away from Gerson Therapy and the Gerson Institute.

In addition, I have found a lot of bad karma coming from the Gerson Institute lately and I believe bad karma only comes from harming others.  Gerson Therapy is a wonderful thing, a true cure for cancer.  I find it harmful though that the people at the Institute have adapted an all-or-nothing attitude toward the therapy.  They should embrace anyone willing to make the journey toward Gerson.  That simply is not the case.

One major shortcoming of the Gerson Therapy is prayer.  None of the Gerson Therapy books mention prayer and neither does Charlotte in her workshops.  The power of the written and spoken word, prayer, and music have been well-documented and yet are not incorporated into the Gerson Therapy.  I find that confusing.  I follow and personally use many of the natural remedies of Edgar Cayce who was deeply religious.  I follow the work of Masaru Emoto who is also deeply religious.  I find that Gerson complements the natural remedies of Edgar Cayce and the work of Masaru Emoto, so I have adopted all three.

When my new Enema book is released it will include therapies from all three–Gerson Therapy, Edgar Cayce, and Masaru Emoto.  Feel free to comment and give any suggestions.  The old posts from this site are now incorporated into the book and per Amazon’s digital rights agreement cannot be posted here as well.

Enjoy and comment freely.



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